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Combined FEIF Sport Judges and Trainer/Instructor Seminar

von Swantje Renken

Combined FEIF Sport Judges and  Trainer/Instructor Seminar 27th-28th of March 2020, Reykjavík, Iceland
On behalf of FEIF we would like to invite you to Reykjavík, Iceland for the combined FEIF Sport Judges and Trainer/Instructor seminar 2020.  The seminar will be held at the Fákur facilities in Reykjavík, Iceland.

The programme will include presentations, lectures, demonstrations and masterclasses. A conclusion will be the Grand Show of Fákur on Saturday evening with some of Iceland`s best horses and riders.  Participants can in addition use the opportunity to visit the T1 and SpeedPass of the Meistaradeild on the evening of 26th of March. 
The seminar has the following principal themes:


Various topics regarding the topline will be addressed: The neck and back conformation and their consequences for the ridden horse. The position of the neck and elevation of the back in different phases of education. Horse and riders relationship: positive tension versus negative tension Correct position of the head as a result of balance and contact by riding Assessment challenges Contributors i.a.: Mette Mannseth and Susanne Braun

Slow tölt

Theoretical background and terminology The connection between reduced speed and biomechanics/locomotion Review of recent studies regarding temporal/spatial variables of tölt Assessment challenges Contributors i.a.: Gunnar Reynisson Both themes will be concluded with a session of plenary discussions and dialogs between trainers, riders, instructors and judges

Other presentations:

Bits and Nosebands - a research review (Susanne Braun) 

Future development of sport – level based requirements and guidelines 

Changes in sport rules and judging guidelines 2020


Next to this participants will have access to educational demonstrations and masterclasses in connection with the Grand Show of Fákur on Saturday. 

Further Informations, the time scedule, costs and registration you will find in the attached document.


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